Why Video Marketing Is So Powerful

With the internet constantly evolving, new and innovative methods of marketing and advertising are being called into question. There will always be new ways to reach a larger audience however one untapped resource that most businesses forget to include in their marketing strategy is video marketing. Video marketing is a powerful way to not only advertise products but also drive traffic to your website. Here is why I think video marketing is so powerful for any business.

If you know the big players in the internet world and how their algorithms work, you will know that YouTube is one of the most powerful places to market your business. The largest search engine; Google bases your search engine ranking based on your online activity and using one of their social networking platforms; YouTube will only boost your SEO ranking. YouTube is, as we all know video based and receives over 1 billion unique visitors every month. Marketing your business through the biggest video platform in the world will help you boost your SEO.

Video marketing is now a popular avenue to promote a business because it is an effective way to communicate with your audience. 70% of social media users would rather watch a video than look at a picture or read a paragraph of writing. Showcasing your products through video is much easier for a customer to understand the product. If your business is based on products or services that require a demonstration, you will find video marketing the only effective solution.

If done properly, video marketing can benefit your business in so many ways. Quality is important when it comes to creating video’s and if you want people to leave positive feedback and share with their community it needs to of a high quality. By this I visually, if the video looks like it has been made without any effort or professionalism, your community will know and won’t value your business. If you put time and effort into creating a video that is easily shareable, you will reap the benefits. If you want to create a high quality video yourself, use Animoto.

Video marketing not only helps you create inbound links which boost your SEO rankings in Google, it also allows you to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, increase your overall online presence, understand what your customers want for you, build a niche channel, encourage feedback and most importantly, connect with a larger audience. If Video marketing is not already a part of your online strategy, I highly recommend it should be for. The likes of Instagram and Pinterest now allow users to share video’s as well as pictures. This is a step in the right direction and I can only see video marketing being used more and more by small businesses in the future.

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