Why Twitter Is So Powerful For Your Online Business

For those of you who read my four beginners guides to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn you may be wondering what else each network has to offer your business. For this week’s blog I have decided to write about the importance of using Twitter for your online business.

The ability to send out a Tweet is very powerful for a number of reasons. Every week, billions of tweets are posted and if you are using the right strategy, you will be able to reach a larger audience in comparison to the likes of Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter is also a more open social network in regards to how people can look for your posts without having to “follow your account”. So, why is Twitter Marketing so powerful? Keep reading.

Regardless of whether you have a Twitter account, there will be users already talking about your business and the sector in which your company operates. You can use the Twitter search functionality to really see what is being said, allowing you to connect with potential customers on a more personal level. This is a very powerful tool as what is being said on social media will always be listened too so if you are receiving negative feedback, you have the opportunity to connect and change that customers viewpoint.

There are some great statistics out there to help you better understand what marketing works on Twitter and what doesn’t. Recent studies show that 94% of users follow a brand on Twitter to receive updates on promotions and discounts. 87% of users are interested in fun and entertainment with a following 79% are interested in updates on upcoming sales and exclusive content. This alone will help you build a powerful marketing strategy on Twitter that your followers can engage with.

A hot topic right now is mobile and as a small business or start up I know there is already a lot on your mind but you really need to consider mobile marketing from day one. If you are location based and a user is tweeting about eating at a restaurant right by your store, why don’t you offer them an in store discount? By monitoring this in real time, you are able to offer a response that is not only helpful, but timely.

To summarise how Twitter can be powerful for your business, here are my 5 top tips;

1. Listen First

It is so important to use Twitter Search (and advanced search) functionality to listen in to what is being said about your industry so you know what your target market are looking for.

2. Find Your Online Voice

To make sure your customers can connect with your Twitter account, you need to understand your online voice. Whether it be fun and quirky or serious and information, it needs to be understood by your target market.

3. Respond to Users

An important part of Twitter is connecting and you need to be responding to other users. If someone has tweeted at you, make it a habit to always respond as soon as possible.

4. Stay Consistent

I have come across a lot of people who set up Twitter, sent no more than 5 tweets then didn’t touch their account for months. To be seen as an authoritative business, you need to stay consistent with your posting.

5. Tweet Sharable Information

If you are sharing information on Twitter that people aren’t interested in, you won’t drive any conversations. Make sure your information is not only interesting but unique and specific to your audience.

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