Using Twitter Lists To Improve Your PR

Twitter as a social networking platform is one thing but using it to build relationships with journalists is a completely different approach. Twitter can be overwhelming as the first thing you see once you log in is an endless information stream from people you have never met before constantly moving before you can finish reading. If you know the basics of using Twitter to connect with customers, you might be missing a special trick of using Twitter lists to tune into only the shared information that can help you grow as a business. Want to learn how to use Twitter lists to organise incoming tweets and engage with only those who can publicise your business? Keep reading.

What is a Twitter List?

A Twitter list is a collection of Twitter users grouped together based on their profiles and content shared. When you create a Twitter list, you will only see tweets from the users who are a part of this said list. You can choose to make your list public or private. Depending on the nature of the list, you can change this. Having your lists public allows your followers to see who you see as influential in certain areas however, if you have created a list of possible clients or those you have connections to in the media, you may want to keep this private so your competitors can’t see this

What kind of Lists should I be creating?

You have complete control over the lists you create. I have a list of social media blogs and bloggers where I have the people and websites I am a guest writer for. This is where I go to access great content my audience would be interested in.

As a starting point, you should create the following two lists;

  • Media Friends – These are the people/companies who have promoted your business on your behalf to their audience. Journalists are to be included in this list.
  • Industry Bloggers – These are the people who are influential in your industry who you should be connecting with. They have the audience who you want to target and the authority to promote your business as a trusted source.

How do I create a Twitter List?

Creating a Twitter list is easy, all you need to do is sign into your Twitter account, click on the settings icon, choose the “list” option then click create a list. You will then need to a list name, description and permissions (private or public). Once you have done this you can start searching for twitter profiles to add to this list. You can do this through the search option or through your “following” list.

What do I do now?

Now you understand what a Twitter List is and how to create one, you need to start engaging with users from this list. Make sure you check your Twitter lists regularly to keep up to date with their posts. Keep an eye out for bloggers and journalists looking for expertise on certain subject matters that you are qualified to contribute on. This may be the first step to building your businesses online authority.

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