Using Social Media To Research Your Customers

Social media isn’t just about networking with your friends and family, it is now a crucial way to increase brand awareness and online sales. I strongly believe that knowing who your target customer is, allows you to research your consumers and find out where they most likely to hang out inside of social media. As we are now in a new era where we rely heavily on social media as a way of business recommendations and sales, it is time to understand how to research your customers. Here are three ways to do this;

1. Ask Questions

Yes, social media is about sharing information but it is also about asking questions to improve your products and services. It is such a simple action yet one that is overlooked by small businesses. Your customers will be using social media so ask them where they most like to hang out as we all know how time consuming it can be so at least you will know which network to focus on.

2. Google Alerts

If you aren’t already using Google Alerts, you really should be. Although there is a slight delay in receiving notifications it will give you accurate updates based on the keywords you want alerts for. As an example, you can monitor if you or your business is mentioned across the internet. When there is a mention of your keyword, you will receive an email with a link to that search result. Google Alerts is completely free of charge to use so make sure you utilise this tool from Google.

3. Social Search Functionality

The likes of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn all have their own search functionality allowing you to see what is being said based on your search queries. This is a great way to dive deeper into researching your customers and finding out what they have to say. Social media will give you an honest opinion of your customers as it is a way for people to express their true feelings (in the case of celebrities, this can sometimes be a bad thing). Using a search functionality or a tool like Hootsuite is a simple yet effective way to give you the insight you need to better understand your customers.

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