The Beginners Guide To Pinterest

The new kid on the block; Pinterest has been making moves in the social media world for quite some time now and is considered one of the top 5 social networks for businesses. Here is my Beginners Guide to Pinterest.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, the former invite only network is a place to share and organise images that you find interesting. Images shared then become pins which can be placed into your own boards and repinned onto other users boards. If you have a business that relies heavily on great pictures, Pinterest is for you. Pinterest can be a really valuable tool, if used properly with a specific purpose in mind. You can create as many boards as you like as well as inviting those you are connected to, to add images to your boards.

Joining Pinterest is just like joining any other social network. You can join by connecting with Facebook, Twitter or through your email address. Once you have joined, you will have to follow 5 boards before you can do anything else. Pinning images is easy with the Pin It Button. To install the browser extension so when you come across an image, you can just pin it without having to go through your pinterest page, go to the Pinterest Goodies Section and add the extension. This will allow you to find inspiration on the go!

Pinterest isn’t just a place to keep your inspiring images, it is a place to connect with other users and to actually purchase products. Via the drop-down menu, you can filter boards by category and can actually view a section based on gifts alone. Pinterest, like Twitter is an open network so followers do not require permission and you don’t have to follow anyone back. The popular button will show you pins that are currently trending. This is a great place to find new content and to also see what kind of content does trend so you can experiment with your business images.

Most pins you see on Pinterest are photo’s but there are video’s too. If you want to see just videos, there is a section for this. Think about your business and whether you are in a position to showcase your products through a video. If this would be beneficial for you, then definitely do this.

There are three different ways you can pin. The first is by uploading one from your desktop, the second is by pinning an image from a website and the third is through repinning from another pinner. Each pin you have on your board will link back to a source website. To make sure your business has the best possible exposure, direct each pin back to your website where applicable.

Be cautious when promoting your business on Pinterest. Spamming boards with nothing but your own products or projects will not work in your favor. To stay in Pinterests “good graces” you need to contribute more than your own products to boards. Use Pinterest to pin images that inspire your company’s work. Pinterest isn’t just for self promotion, its for being creative too. You can share your pins via your other social networks including Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to increase following. Now that you are a part of the Pinterest network, you need to make sure you spend some time each day connecting with users. Don’t get too carried away as Pinterest can be very addictive.

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