The Beginners Guide to Facebook

For most us, well, actually over 1.1 billion of us have a Facebook account. We do use this social network but do we REALLY maximise it’s full potential and use all of its features? Probably not. Here is my Beginners Guide to Facebook.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is the worlds largest social network with over 1.1.billion users, allowing you to create status updates about anything from thoughts, pictures, videos, links and other sources of information. Facebook is the largest grossing social network and has been dubbed “THE” social network which is why it is so important for you business to have a Facebook Fanpage. As most of you will already have a Facebook account, you won’t need to know how to sign up, you will need to know what each feature can mean for your business and how to create a Fanpage.

Creating a fanpage is very simple, you just need to go to your Facebook home feed and under the suggest crops tab, there is a more button. Clicking on that will give you a drop down box where you can create a page. Follow Facebook’s instructions and you will have a page up in no time. Now you need to look at your Timeline. Before you can begin adding people to like your page, you need to create your business profile which will include adding a profile picture, cover photo, business background and history. The reason it is called a timeline is because you can include important milestones from your business for your fans to see.

Once you have filled out as much of the timeline information as possible, you need to start searching for and adding friends. Facebook will be able to suggest people to add to the page based on their algorithm that generates connections that are a part of your network as well as inviting those you are connected to via your personal profile. It is very important to have friends “like” your fan page so that they can keep up to date on the latest news from your business. The place you access this news is through the News Feed. As soon as you log into Facebook, this is the first thing you see. Any other businesses you have liked will be shown here through their latest updates, new photos, links and articles.

Facebook recently made changes to the order in which news appears in the News Feed. Facebook will determine what news is most important and will push it to the tops of the newsfeed if seen as important.Therefore, you won’t necessarily see updates in the order they’re posted, but in order of timeliness and “importance.” If you prefer to see things in chronological order, simply click the “Sort” option at the top of your feed and select “Most Recent.” For you to appear at the top of your fans News Feed, you need to be able to post status updates. This could be anything but make sure it is something informative and shareable. You can create a status update from the News Feed or from the top of your Timeline

One of the most powerful tools for businesses to utilise on Facebook is the “like” button. Every single piece of posted information will have a “like” button attached to it for users to show interest in something. You should also have the “like” and “share” button on your website too (if you have one). This is a great way to get more people engaged with your business on Facebook. Facebook does keep track of your “like” activity and will use it to improve the quality of ads appearing on your page. Facebook does share data and they don’t shy away from it. You can see Facebook’s full data use policy to see who they are sharing your information with. Have you been using Facebook’s tagging and hashtagging tool? You can directly link another Facebook business page or trending hashtag into a status update. This is a great way to notify people about your business and also create a conversation between two different businesses

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