Should You Repeat Your Tweets? Facts and Figures From 1M Tweets

Did you know that 55% of Twitter users repeat their tweets? You are probably nodding your head, because this is exactly what you do for your business. When you are using Twitter from a business perspective and have scheduled tweets to go out in advance by using Hootsuite, you want to make sure you are reaching as many users as possible. Which is why we repeat our tweets. The question is; should we do this?

Thanks to Wisemetrics, I can now share with you whether this is going to help you improve your businesses online marketing through the use of repeating tweets. Just before I share their findings with you, I want to make it clear that by “repeating a tweet” I do not mean a copy-paste tweet. By repeating a tweet means that with a bit of human editing, the wording is slightly different but with the same desired outcome. Here is what Wisemetrics found out when they sampled 1,500 twitter accounts over a three month period.

On average, the second tweet you send wanting the same outcome as the first, gets 86% of the initial tweet. This means that the repeated tweet loses 14% coverage. As you can see in the graph below, this decreases even more, the more you repeat. Despite the obvious decrease, even after the tweet has been repeated 6 times, the test subjects still receive a 67% engagement rate, loosing 33% since the first tweet. When doing the study, Wisemetrics also found out that when you repeat a tweet, only 14% of your audience is seeing it for a second time.

Luckily for Twitter, it has a competitive advantage over it’s biggest social media competitor; Facebook when looking at their figures around repetition. Facebook decreases much faster than Twitter with a loss of 38% after the first tweet vs Twitters minimal 14%. Moral of the story: Repeating a tweet can really save your time however, you need to make sure that you are changing the words of the tweet, and making it as engaging as possible to try and capture those that saw it for the first time, and those who are viewing your second tweet for the first time.

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