Master Facebook Marketing With These 6 Killer Tips

Using Facebook personally is easy. As we all know, even people as young as 12 are becoming unofficial experts in social networking because it is a part of our online culture. What most people struggle with is actually using Facebook as a marketing tool. Here are my 6 killer tips to help you master Facebook Marketing.

1. Visual Updates

When I say visual updates I mean the use of images on a weekly basis. This isn’t to say that every single Facebook post is to include an image but it has been proven that consumers are more likely to interact with a post if it includes an Image. Also, don’t forget about your Facebook Cover Photo. This is very important as it is the first thing someone will see when them come to your business page. First impressions are crucial!

2. Make the most out of your “About” section

For a personal page, this is where most people don’t actually write much which is fine but when looking at the About section for a Facebook Business Page, this needs to be a priority. It should include a link to your website but be careful, you only have 165 characters.

3. Ask Questions

There is no better way to engage with your Facebook community than asking questions. Let them share their views and opinions on issues surrounding your business sector and really create an engaging page. The more people commenting, the more likely you are to receive new fans because social media is about recommendations.

4. Respond to ALL Comments

I have noticed a lot of different opinions on whether you should respond to negative feedback left from a customer on social media. In my opinion, most definitely. It is important that your community can see you are NOT brushing negativity to one side and that you are trying to resolve an issue. This will build trust in your business and you never know where a customer is going to come from!

5. Keep an Eye on the Competition

It doesn’t hurt to see what your biggest social media competitors are doing. Regardless of whether they are doing something right or wrong, you need to know. If they have an offer on products or services, you need to know. Why? Because you have the same target market and you need to make sure your customers stay loyal to you.

6. Keep Your Posts Brief

Writing a long essay for a Facebook Post will bore your readers. If you want to share a lot of information with them, give a call to action in the form of a link where they can then click through and read more. Don’t overpopulate your fans facebook feed as it will only take them one second to “unlike” your page.

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