How To Protect Your Privacy On Social Media

Regardless of whether you are using social media personally or from a business perspective, it is always important for you to know where you stand when it comes to your social media. The social networks we all use on a daily basis are constantly changing their terms and conditions, bringing in new, confusing privacy policies.

The risks that most social media users face is that they don’t even touch their privacy settings. There are 1 billion people on Facebook and it has been reported that 13 million of them have never even visited their privacy settings, 28% share almost all of their posts with a wider audience than their friends and 11% said that someone has tried to log in to their account without their permission.

When it comes to Internet Privacy, there are three different categories;

  • Public – Most of your setting will be open to the public and are searchable on Google or Facebook’s new Graph Search.
  • Friends/Followers Only – This means that your information is partially private and only those you approve as friends or those who “follow” you can see your information. Remember that Twitter does not have an approval feature unless you “lock” your account.
  • Locked Accounts – All privacy settings are shut down and the only people that can see your information are those that you individually approve.

The 13 million I mentioned above who haven’t touched their privacy settings are at a huge risk of allowing anyone, anywhere to see their posts, pictures and private information. Because of how much advertisers pay to show up inside of social networks, application developers want user information to be public. They may say your privacy is important to them but what they really mean is that YOU need to make sure you know where you stand with your privacy settings. Being diligent is the key to privacy for social media. Subscribe to updates for each social network so that you know if any of your settings have changed, allowing you to update your privacy on a frequent basis.

It’s not always about the privacy settings inside of social media, you also need to be aware of logging out of all your social networks when using someone elses computer. What may be a funny Facebook hack or hilarious Tweet may just ruin your reputation as someone who has worked hard to keep their online persona business orientated. Don’t let the constant privacy updates from social networks put you off from updating your profile. The more you know the better when it comes to managing your privacy inside of Social Media.

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