How To Let People You Trust Contribute To Your Twitter

Twitter is a great social network but it’s biggest problem is that there is way too much noise and there needs to be a way to not only filter out the noise, but be in complete control of what you are posting. Want to be able to automatically share information from people you see as thought leaders? Now you can with RoundTeam.

I’m the CEO of Social Media eLearning and have over 15,000 followers on Twitter with a Klout score of 65. This puts me in the top 10% most influential people online and to make sure I stay connected with the right people inside of Twitter, I have to use RoundTeam to better manage my time and my Twitter followers. RoundTeam is a great tool that allows you to choose certain Twitter users you trust and respect and then share their information with your network.

How to use RoundTeam;

1. Sign in with your Twitter Account on RoundTeam

2. Choose who you want to share posts from by either choosing all the people/businesses you follow or follow you. If you want something more specific, you can select certain users.

3. Choose Tweets by selecting certain keywords around your business or as above, choose all the tweets from those you follow or those that follow you (this isn’t recommended as you don’t to contribute to unnecessary noise). You can also filter with up to 15 different options so you are only sharing specific tweets.

This will allow people to become thought leaders in their own right because if you can choose certain tweets that you want to share automatically, you will save time and allow your audience to connect with you more often. RoundTeam is a free tool however there is an option to upgrade to three different packages that may be more suitable for you or your business if you need a more intense option. RoundTeam have created a YouTube Video showing you exactly what they can do for you. If you are interested in using RounTeam, I suggest you watch the video on YouTube here. If you want to save time and automate whose information you are sharing, RoundTeam is the best place to start.

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