How Small Businesses Should Use Twitter

Forget Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or any other social network you are currently using for the meantime and just focus on Twitter. Why? Because you have to start somewhere. As most social media experts will tell you, you have to treat each social network differently from the next. What works on one platform, will not work on another. Twitter is, in my opinion the easiest social network to take advantage of with limited time and support and small businesses need to utilise this.

A small business on Twitter is like a small fish in a big pond and without a uniqueness, it will fade into the background. Take Nemo for example, if it wasn’t for his difference in appearance, he might not have made it out of the dentist’s office! Extreme… yes, but important. To make the most of Twitter, you need to have a personality that potential customers can relate too. If all you are doing is sharing information about your business, your followers will get bored. You need to at least share information THEY want to read about as well as replying to any questions or mentions (in a timely manner).

Hashtagging. It surprises me everyday how little “marketing experts” really understand about hashtagging. As a small business owner, you don’t need to have years of marketing experience to really grasp such a simple feature. All you need to understand is the search functionality behind it. Using a hashtag allows you to not only add personality to a tweet but to allow those searching for a specific subject to find your tweet, based on the exact hashtag used. Imagine how powerful this could be if you use the hashtag feature to find people talking about YOUR business.

As much as social media is now a part of almost every single internet users life, so are images. Combine the use of imagery with social media and you are onto a winner. Most people will admit they are more likely to engage with a tweet, if it includes not only text and a link, but an image too. I know this can be hard in the limited characters twitter offers you and I’m not saying this has to be done for every single tweet. Just be aware that as a small business, your customers will respond best to images.

Finally, to make sure you are seeing the right kind of results, you need to have a Twitter marketing strategy and analyse social media findings. For your twitter marketing strategy, I would recommend scheduling (using Hootsuite) 5 tweets every day between 9am-5pm. You will then be able to see, using Hootsuite Analytics, when followers most connected with your business, allowing you to find the most optimum time to post a tweet. Don’t be scared to take chances and create a twitter following you, as a small business can be proud of!

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