Building Social Media Success With 6 Simple Daily Habits

Social media for any business can be hard, especially when it comes to a daily routine. Although the message you are sharing on social media changes, the habits in which you share, don’t. What becomes habit, becomes nature so here is how you can build your social media success with 6 simple daily habits.

1. Content Scheduling

To make sure you are as prepared as possible when it comes to social media, you really need to have a content schedule. If you have a new collection or product coming out, make sure you have a plan as to how you are going to share this on social. Preparation is everything and if the content isn’t relevant to your audience, they won’t listen.

2. Use Social Media for Customer Service

One thing you will notice when you followers increase, is customers asking you questions on social media about your products or services. Embrace this and engage with them. If people see that you are as helpful as possible and answer questions in a timely manner, they will trust you more as a business.

3. Utilise Your Resources

There are so many great tools and social media experts out there that can help you improve the delivery of your social media message. For me, I am a big advocate of Hootsuite and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great automated social tool which also allows you to schedule for the future and measure each posts reach.

4. Know Your Limit

Social media is a platform that is always “on” but sometimes you need to take a step back to know how to move forward. You don’t need to share images of your breakfast, lunch and dinner and we don’t need to know who you are voting for on the X Factor (unless it’s relevant to your business). Know your limit and more importantly, understand WHY you are using social media for your business.

5. Work With People You Trust

It can be hard to find people that you truly trust to work in your business, especially if it is something you have worked for your whole life but when it comes to social media, one small mistake could really bring your social presence down.

6. Show Character

A customer won’t follow your social networking accounts unless you give them a reason. Your content must be relevant and unique, but you also must show character. Creating an alter-ego for your business online is a great way to build your online presence.

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