Best Time To Post On Facebook

When it comes to sharing information on social media, there is always a way to work out the best time to actually send out the post. This isn’t just dependent on the “busiest” time of day, it is also dependent on when your fans/followers are most likely to engage with you. Until recently, there was no easy way to see when you fans are most likely to be engaging online and we had to just experiment with different times to figure out what worked best. With the new Facebook Insights tab, you can now find the best time to post on Facebook.

1. To get to your Facebook Insights, go to your Fan Page and scroll down to just below your cover photo and click on the settings icon then “view insights”. Remember, you need to be a page admin to access this data. If you haven’t already switched over to the updated Facebook Insights, I would highly suggest you do so now otherwise you will miss out on some of Facebook’s free tools.

2. Once updated, click on the “posts” option then select “when your fans are online”. This will now show you the time of day when your fans are most likely to engage with you on your Facebook page. It is important to remember that every companies optimum post time will be different. For us, at Social Media eLearning we noticed that our most optimum time is at 7PM in the evening.

The Facebook Insight’s tab has a lot more information worth analysing including your fans age, gender and geographic location, best post types and where your page likes come from. You can also select each individual day of the week to find out on which day your fans are most likely to respond. It may seem quite far fetched to have a different post time each day but if this is how your fans engage with you then you need to do what you can to get the best possible exposure.

The reason why it is so important to know when it is the best time to post on Facebook is because of Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. Facebook now rewards engaging posts with “story bumping” which basically means that if your post is getting lots of likes and comments, it will move your post to the top of your fans news feeds, increasing exposure. Maximise your Facebook presence and use the new Insights option to your advantage and give your business the best possible exposure on Facebook, completely free of charge! To learn more about how your business can benefit from Facebook’s features, why not try our Facebook eLearning Course?

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