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I keep reading some great statistics around all of the social networks we are currently using personally and as a business. We are in the social media era and some people will hate to admit it but the facts speak for themselves, social media is a powerful brand awareness and sales tool which cannot be ignored. There is a social network leading the rest but before I give my verdict, here are the social media statistics for.

Third place goes to

My addictive guilty pleasure, Pinterest. With the ability to actually sell products inside of Pinterest, it has just edged out Google+ in my podium finish. Statistics show that 70% of brand engagement inside of Pinterest is coming from users, not brands. This shows that we as consumers, are engaging inside of this photo sharing network. Pinterest also offers something unique, the option to attach a price to an image. Doing this sees around 39% more repins than images without a price. Why? Because we, as users know exactly where we stand. We like to know how much something costs and not have to spend time searching for it. If it is there, right in front of you, you can make a decision on the spot. The reason why Pinterest didn’t take second place is because it is still a new network. So far, so good for Pinterest but time will tell as to whether it will stay and ultimately stand against other more mature networks.

Second place goes to..

Facebook, “THE” social network has over 1 Billion users and the number continues to grow. Originally, Facebook was just a networking site but now, we are seeing more and more ways of promoting a business through their advertising options and mobile check-in’s. Facebook recently released their 2013 Q1 Statistics which showed that around 751 million users are actively using Facebook on their mobile.

Their report also showed that since launching, there has been over 1.13 trillion Facebook likes which averages at around 4.5 billion likes every day. Taking advantage of the advertising opportunities, 500,000 Facebook Pages are “promoting” their posts (at a small cost, of course). This shows that users are seeing the advantage of paying to promote their posts in the hope of increasing brand awareness. This is working to Facebook’s advantage as according to 2012’s end of year earnings, Facebook’s revenue totaled over $5 billion.

Although Facebook is laughing all the way to the bank, it doesn’t mean we are. Their selfishness in forcing advertisements into our home stream is not only annoying but painfully unnecessary. Are we clicking on these advertisements and purchasing the product? No. Are we ever going to? No. Will they stop hard selling to us via advertisements? No. This is why Facebook has not walked away with 1st place.

And the Winner is

Twitter. Why? Because the statistics speak for themselves. Despite only having a mere percentage of Facebook’s users at 200M, Twitter is proving to be the most powerful marketing tool in the social media world. 69% of users follow other profiles suggested by friends which is a natural word of mouth tool that really, as long as you are engaging and interesting, will automatically boost your online profile. Around 45% of Marketeers have generated leads through Twitter and this number would be much higher if people realised that hard selling on social media in general will not get you anywhere!

The most impressive statistic being that a share on Twitter (when someone sees your tweet and retweets it to their followers who then come on to your website and purchase a product from your business) is worth £21.04. This is much higher than Facebook’s share which is worth £2.60 and Pinterest’s currently around 46p. Every business is different and while one business may show more promise on Facebook than Twitter, the overall standing in my opinio, is that social media from a revenue earning point of view, is a battle won by the 140 character social networking site; Twitter.

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