Amazing Social Media Statistics

Social Media was once just a way for teenagers to communicate but now, social media is more than just a communication tool, it is a successful way of marketing a business. Back in 2008, social media wasn’t as widely known and used as it is now. Here are 16 amazing statistics from this year’s social media activity.

1. Facebook connects 1 in 2 people on the social web which we are all a part of.

2. There are over 343 million active users on Google+. Google’s social layer which was once a disaster and rarely used, is now a huge player in the social media marketing game.

3. Surprisingly, Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is the 55-64 year olds. This could be because the older generation are just getting to grips with social media or, finally, everyone can see the benefits social media can have for any business who knows how to use it in the right way.

4. Brought by Facebook for $1Billion, Instagram has had more than 16 billion photo uploads. Photo sharing is now a way of life for socially interactive people and businesses.

5. Another Google success, YouTube has over 1 billion unique visitors monthly. This figure is likely to increase over 2014 as there are more and more people not only using YouTube but visiting the site as an education tool.

6. Photo sharing social networking site Pinterest see’s food as the most discussed category at over 57%. Users love sharing food images more than fashion or beauty.

7. B2B social network LinkedIn has over 3 million company pages. This will increase as more businesses start seeing the importance of connecting with fellow professionals online.

8. As far as applications go, Facebook is leading with over 10 million verified applications within their social network. The likes of Candy Crush, Farmville and Texas Holdem’ Poker leading the way.

9. Looking at mobile, amazingly, 60% of Twitter users use the network via their smartphone. Mobile social networking has taken over and it won’t be long before more people start purchasing through mobile too.

10. The Google +1 button is being used over 5 billion times a day. Sharing is now an important part of connecting online, especially in Google+’s case.

11. 42% of LinkedIn users update their profiles regularly. This shows that, from a business perspective, people want to keep as up to date as possible, maybe as a way of finding a new job or potential business partner.

12. An average user on Instagram has 40 photo uploads. This will increase over the course of 2014 so watch out for the rise of Instagram.

13. Pinterest as most would believe is more female dominated than men at 60%. This is because of the imagery nature of the network which women are more connected too.

14. Unlike Pinterest, Google+ is male dominated with 67% of users from the male population. Expect to see this even out going into 2014.

15. Over 23% of Facebook users check their Facebook account more than 5 times a day. We are not only using social media, we are a nation addicted to it.

16. When it comes to accounts, Twitter see’s a lot of fake activity with 20M accounts impersonating someone else. Is going to be a huge year for online marketing and sales. Expect to see more and more businesses taking social media and not only actively using it, but increasing sales too.

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