8 Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the worlds largest B2B social network with over 200 million user. Having a LinkedIn profile enables you to connect with people you have worked with or want to work with. Here are 8 things to think about once you have created your LinkedIn Profile

1. Profile Picture

When it comes to choosing your profile picture for LinkedIn, you need to make sure you keep it professional. LinkedIn isn’t Facebook and because of that, you can’t chose a picture for LinkedIn like you would for Facebook. If you have the time and money, you should hire a photographer to take some good head shots of you for your LinkedIn profile and anything else you may need them for.

2. Look at your Key Words

It is important that you include all of your keywords around your business and the sector it fits in in your profile descriptions. This is so that if someone is searching for keywords related to your business in LinkedIn, they can find you on the first page.

3. Custom URL
Once you have created your account, you will see when editing your profile an “edit” button next to your URL under your image. This is where you can personalise your LinkedIn URL. This is a good way to make it even easier for people to find you.

4. Make your Profile Public

Automatically, your profile will appear public but this can be changed in your account settings. I recommend that you don’t set your profile to private as you may miss out on potential business.

5. Share Interesting Content

Just like Facebook and Twitter, you can share posts on your LinkedIn account. This is a great way to get your LinkedIn connections to engage with you. When posting don’t forget to share unique information that people will want to share.

6. Create a LinkedIn Business Page

If you have a business, you should have a LinkedIn business page. You can do this by clicking on the Companies tab and “adding a company”. This will help create brand awareness for your business and give you another way to connect with potential customers.

7. Your Headline

When it comes to picking your headline, you should include your keywords around your business. This is similar to the second tip I shared as it is to help people find your profile easier and will get you to look at how you want your business to be perceived.


Interesting images are a great way to get an interaction off a follower but a Video is even better. If you want you’re connections to connect with you and want you to find more out about your business, you should consider using videos. If you want to make your own video’s, use a tool called Animoto.

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