8 Tips For Using Video To Promote Your Business

As I said in the video above, I wanted to do something different this week and share a video of myself. Why? Because I want everyone reading this to know that we are approachable and as a small business, easy to talk too. When writing a blog, I want to make sure I am sharing something of value and this week is no different. Here is 8 tips for using Video to promote your business.

1. Share helpful information

When it comes to using videos to share content, you need to make sure the information is going to help those who are spending the time to watch your videos.

2. Customer testimonials

A great way to promote your business is to have customer testimonials in the form of video. If a potential customer can see someone talking about your business in a positive light as opposed to just reading copy on your website, it will give a more professional look.

3. Thank you messages

One of the reasons why I made a video to go with this blog was a way of saying thank you for visiting our site. It is important to talk to your audience so that they know you do exist as a person and that you are interested in what they are doing or have done for your business.

4. Product Showcase

A tool I use called Animoto allows you to create videos of your products and add text and music. You can then export this to Youtube. Pictures are a positive influence on a brand but videos create more of an impact.

5. Keep it short

When creating your video’s, make sure they are no longer than 120 seconds (2 minutes) as you don’t want your viewers to lose interest in your video.

6. Use relevant Keywords

When it comes to keywords and using YouTube to post your videos, you should always have the keywords around your business in your description in inverted commas (“). This is so that when someone is searching inside of YouTube for a video with the keywords you have used, your video will appear in their search.

7. Make it worth sharing

The point of making a video is to get people to watch, enjoy and more importantly share. If people watch your video and don’t like the quality, it won’t be shared and you will be losing out on a free, easy way to promote your business.

8. Brand Consistency

Something we see with small businesses is the lack of brand consistency. Make sure you include your branding in all of your videos and if necessary, a way of contact. If you have a YouTube channel, you should make sure the descriptions are exactly the same as every other social network you are using along with your website.

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