8 Advantages Of Using Google

1. It doesn’t cost a penny

Just like Facebook and Twitter, it is free to use. Although this is an advantage for most social networks, it is worth pointing out that the layer google created is free to use.

2. Owned by Google

It might be obvious to say that Google+ was created by Google. Google owns 90% of UK’s search, with Youtube (another Google layer) coming in second. Think about it, if Google is the largest search engine in the UK and you have your business on Google+, how do you think Google will rank you in their search?

3. Cross Promotion

It’s safe to say that you need to take your business and place it where your audience is. The more channels you use to promote your business, the more people find you and read about your business. There is no rule about sharing the same information on different platforms, in fact; I highly recommend this.

4. Google Hangout

Google+ has hangouts, otherwise known as “rooms” where you can meet/collaborate with other professionals and hold forums with your community where you can share ideas. This is great for small businesses to gather inspiration and ideas from other professionals in the same position as they are. Live demonstrations also take place on Google+ and are now receiving the recognition they deserve.

5. Google+ Circles

Google+’s circle feature allows you to easily target specific groups within your community. You may have certain customer that you consider to be especially loyal to your business. You can place these customers in a circle of their own and send them special deals and information, targeted specifically at them. Circles are there to improve customer engagement and help you to share the right information with the right people.

6. Directly Connected

Using Google as a search engine allows you to quickly find a brand on Google+ by simply using the “+” followed by the name of the brand. This is not available for all business pages yet. To improve your chances of enabling this feature, link your Google+ business page to your website.

7. Google+ Local

Google+ Local is yet another layer in Google’s empire. The main advantage of listing your business with Google+ Local is that your business will be visible to people in the local area of your business through Google search.

8. Targeted Sharing

Facebook allows you to send private message and Twitter allows you to create lists but when targeting your sharing, Google+ comes out on top. As mentioned above, creating circles allows you to target the right information to the connections you have based on your relationships.

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