7 Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Native Advertising

Native Advertising has taken over the internet and rightly so. If you want your business to succeed online, you really do need to look at native advertising. There is an enormous opportunity for brands to engage with their audiences in an authentic way, while making money. Knowing the best ways to tackle native advertising for your business is a must, and here are 7 top tips for making the most of your Native Advertising.

1. Telling a Story

If you can’t tell it, you can’t sell it and that stands for all brands, regardless of the products and services you are selling. With the rise in businesses using native advertising, you need to stand out and make sure your business stands out from it’s competitors.

2. Be Transparent

Consumers love nothing more than honesty and transparency from a business. You need to be 100% transparent when it comes to what content on your site is editorial or sponsored.

3. Earned Media is King

If you want your business to be an influencer in it’s sector, you need to be thinking about earned media. Promote your most successful earned media across all your marketing outlets, including social media and think about native ways to promote it.

4. Know the Right Network for Your Target Market

Not all businesses have success in the same ways. While one business may have it’s native advertising success on Facebook, it doesn’t mean the next one will. Find out where your target market hangs out and take your business to them.

5. Don’t Put All Your Eggs in the Same Basket

Don’t just use one Native Advertising channel. Continually test and analyse each platform you are using to see which are performing the best.

6. Retargeting

Retargeting is a great way to amplify your native advertising message. You’ll find retargeting a successful way of promoting your business on all of the major social networks, as well as the likes of AdRoll.

7. Using the Right Tools

There are some great tools that can help you with your Native advertisement. As mentioned just above AdRoll lets brand re-advertise to people who have already visited their site while they browse further. Another great tool to use is OutBrain. It is a content discovery network where you can create an ad for your content. Using the right tools for your Native Advertisement is crucial to your overall success.

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