7 Things You Should Know About Pinterest

I have to say, I find Pinterest SO addictive and have to set an alarm on my phone so I don’t spend too much time on the visual bookmarking social network. Pinterest is still relatively new to the social network scene at just over three years old. Considering Pinterest? Here are 7 things you should know.

1. Pinterest has 25M Unique Visitors Each Month

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network and no other stand-alone site has reached 10M visitors faster than Pinterest. The network that was once invite only is now open for everyone to use personally and from a business perspective.

2. Mainly Used by Females

We, as women, love pretty things. This isn’t to say that Pinterest is JUST for females because it isn’t. At the moment, Pinterest is used mostly by females at 80% which is what we should expect because Pinterest’s ideal customer is a female. This goes to show that Pinterest is doing something right if their ideal market are using Pinterest daily.

3. Brands are Struggling to use it

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are really struggling to grasp the concept of Pinterest and really make it work for their brand. Over 30% of the top 1,500 brands in the US alone only have on average 124 followers. This suggests that they are struggling to connect with their target audiences.

4. Small Businesses are Making Money

Pinterest is not just a social network, its a great way to really showcase your products and make money. Pinterest allows you to pin images of your products that are currently selling on your website so that your followers can see them. You can now link these pins back to your site and also put a price in the description box.

5. A Pinterest Post Lasts Longer

If you compare how long a Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest post lasts; Facebook has the half-life of 80 minutes, Twitter 5 to 25 minutes and Pinterest at over one week. This means that your Pinterest posts will be seen by a lot more people than any other social network you use.

6. It’s an Aspirational Network

Twitter is about the present, what you are doing in that moment. Facebook is about creating an online identity through who you are and who you know. Pinterest is aspirational – it’s about who you want to be. We create boards based on clothes we aspire to own, places we dream of visiting and shoes we see celebrities wear. If you get your strategy right for Pinterest as a business, you will have your followers aspiring to use your products.

7. Its not just a network, its a resource too

Pinterest is a social network but it is also a place to keep all of your images. If you don’t want the whole world to see them, you can create private boards and invite people in to see your pins. Pinterest isn’t just a place for you to sell your products, it’s about posting images that are worth sharing and your community would like.

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