5 Tips for Using Instagram for Your Business

Instagram is an image-based social network available on iPhone and Android smartphones. Boasting more than 100 million users, brands like Starbucks, MTV and NBC are among some of the most successful instagrammers. Using Instagram can help you grow your community, increase your businesses exposure and build brand recognition. Here are 5 tips for using Instagram for Business.

1. Showcase your Products

Instagram is a picture based network so use it for this exact reason. Upload some great pictures of the products you have to offer. Inspiring photo’s attract users so make sure you do close ups of your products as well as using some of the effects Instagram has to offer.

2. Engage Directly with Users

Pictures may sell a product but if you want that consumer to turn into a regular customer, you need to be engaging with them directly. You can do this by asking questions in your captions and responding to comments. You can also organise local Instagram meetups where you can meet some of the people commenting on your pictures face to face.

3. Be Personable

Some brands choose to keep it strictly business but we don’t. You need your users to connect with you and without being somewhat personal, they won’t want to be a part of your businesses success. Think about introducing your employees via images on your Instagram page as well as day to day office photos.

4. Keep your Followers in the Loop

If you have a new product launching or a special offer who should be the first to know? Your loyal followers. Make sure you Instagram a photo to keep them in the loop with what your business can offer them. Keeping customer interest is an essential part of a successful marketing strategy.

5. Show How Your Product was Made and What it Can Do

Something which some brands don’t do is show how their product was made. This could be via an image storyboard or just separate pictures. Either way, this is a great way to build social proof if you are sharing something interesting and of value. You should also be sharing pictures with your community that can demonstrate what your product actually does. Some products are self explanatory and won’t need to be shown through images but think carefully about this because it could really help your consumers in the long run.

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