Social Media as most would expect. At the end of last year and the first week of this year, Social Media has already started to change and we are seeing a difference in how it is being used. Here are our 5 Social Media Trends for.

1. Mobile Advertising

We have seen a huge rise in mobile usage with Facebook admitting that it is growing at a faster pace than PC usage. We are seeing the likes of Instagram (a purely mobile application) take the social media world by storm. The other social networks will be working hard to make sure they can reach more customers via mobile advertising. With Twitter’s promoted tweets and sponsored stories, we are seeing the social media world overcome the mobile frenzy world.

2. Location, Location Location

The idea of Location services has been around for a long time but in, we will see the major networks place a significant focus on user data. With innovative solutions like FourSquare, Facebook Places and Google Local proving successful, the next step is to include geo-tagging in their location strategy, just like Instagram has.

3. Social Media Retention, Not Growth

This is something we are going to see from the likes of Facebook. As they have nearly reached a growth saturation point in a number of US states, their main focus will be retaining customers, not gaining new ones. Facebook will however still continue to grow but their main focus will be the user journey. The likes of Twitter and LinkedIn will be following suit later this year.

4. Social Media Marketing

As you may be aware, there is a huge potential to make sales as a business on the popular social networking sites. You can sell products inside of Facebook and Twitter with Payvment and inside of Pinterest with Pin2Sell. Social Media Marketing can be a lot more valuable than just making money. Staggeringly, Barack Obama spent over £32M on online advertising during the campaign which definitely worked in his favour.

5. Social Search

This is something that will definitely need improving for 2013 in the social media world. The main problem is that there is so much content on a social network and there is no real way of filtering the data to find exactly what you want. It will be awhile before this is truly cracked by a social network but will see them build a foundation to take the next step in social search.

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