3 of the Most Common Social Media Mistakes

I have been managing Social Media for businesses for over two and a half years now and regardless of the business, they are all making the same mistakes when it comes to social media. Here are the three most common mistakes I have come across in the world of social media.

1. Too many channels

The biggest misconception is that every business should be on EVERY network. This is far from the truth. You need to find out where most of your social media traffic is coming from and more importantly, where your target market hangs out. If you find they are engaging with your business in Facebook and not in LinkedIn, then why spend your time in LinkedIn? Social media is all about time management and if you don’t manage your networks accordingly you will find yourself missing out on potential clients.

2. Stop talking about YOU

This again, is something I see all the time. When posting on Facebook or sending out tweets, you need to stop talking about your business and start talking around your business. By this I mean finding great information to share around your business sector that your audience will enjoy reading about. You will notice that on our Social Media eLearning Twitter or Facebook page, we are sharing articles that are relevant to our business, but not necessarily about our business. The two biggest reason why consumers unlike a page on Facebook or un follow a brand on Twitter is because they overpopulate newsfeeds or talk too much about themselves.

3. No Road Map

When businesses are handling their Social Media, they don’t have a plan. By plan I mean a month by month strategy. If you have any events going on, this should be in your plan. How many tweets are you going to do a day? What is your customer service plan when it comes to social media because we are seeing more and more consumers turn to social media as a way of contacting a brand and most importantly, what do YOU, as a business want to achieve from Social Media. Are you using social networks to build your brand? Capture leads?

Increase your sales? All of these factors need to be considered when planning your social media road map. I have only touched on three common mistakes in social media but trust me when I say there are a lot more. There is an opportunity to learn from the mistakes we make not just in life, but in Social Media too. What works for one company, may not work for another.

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