13 Ways To Beat The Facebook Algorithm

If you have been using Facebook for your business for at least two years, you will have noticed the updates Facebook has been introducing. The most notable one is in relation to their algorithm and how business pages are not reaching the audience they used to. Don’t know how to get around this? Here are 13 ways to beat the Facebook algorithm.

  1. Share Exclusive Content

Make sure the content you are sharing is unique and relevant to your business and your target market. If you want to increase your visibility on Facebook, you need to be sharing content that is something your audience has not seen before.

  1. Get Personal

By getting personal, I mean getting people associated to your business, posting about it on Facebook with a link through to your website. While this may not bring your direct customers, it will help drive more traffic, and potential likes to your page.

  1. Share Great Content

Great content is king. If you are sharing content that is meaningful and sharable, you will see your audience reach increase. This is one way you can tell whether you are sha

  1. User Generated Content

Take advantage of Facebook and use generated content by users. By this I mean the likes of contests, competitions or special offers. Remember to use a Facebook approved third party application when running a competition otherwise your page will be closed down.

  1. Post Often

By posting often, I don’t mean posting 5 times a day. The biggest reason users unlike a Facebook page is because they are over populating their news feed. Don’t post more than once a day but make sure you stay consistent with this.

  1. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Advertising is one of the best ways to drive more traffic to your Facebook page. While I am not 100% sold on how well it works, I have seen a lot of small businesses successfully generating traffic and sales.

  1. Speak to Other Community Managers

Speaking to other community managers allows you to increase the amount of people talking about your business as well as seeing how other business social media community managers are talking with their audience.

  1. Import Your Contacts

If you have been doing your email marketing and have built up a list, you can import this into Facebook to boost your page likes. You can only upload 5,000 at a time but is a good way to increase your page likes.

  1. Use Video’s and Images

Posts that include video’s or images are more likely to be viewed and receive a response from a user than posts with just a link or text. Make sure you change this up so that you are using the same kind of multi-media for every post.

  1. Include Other Social Networks

Your Facebook marketing should be a part of your overall social media marketing strategy. There is more to life than Facebook so make sure you are using other social networks to share your content.

  1. Engage

If potential customers can see you are using your Facebook business page as a customer service outlet, they will feel more comfortable engaging with you and purchasing your products.

  1. Make Your Page Attractive

To be seen as a professional business, make sure your Facebook page is attractive. By this I mean having a Facebook header and profile picture that is engaging and suitable for your business.

  1. Measure, Measure, Measure

Without tracking your analytics around your Facebook page, you will never know what kind of content works best to drive the most traffic to your website.

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