10 Ways To Get More Pins And Repins On Your Pinterest

Pinterest is still considered the new kid on the block in the social media world but active users are increasing daily. It can be difficult to get the interaction you want on Pinterest when you are just getting used to the network so here are 10 ways to get more pins and repins on your Pinterest page.

1. Find the Right Time to Pin

If you are using Pinterest at the same time everyday and not getting much traction, this could be because you are not posting at the right time. You will need to try posting images at different times during the day to find when you can get the best possible engagement.

2. Use Colourful Images

Images that contain more than one colour are more likely to get repinned by users as they are seen as more engaging.

3. Pin Relevant Images

Make sure that when you are sharing images with your audience that they are being pinned in the relevant boards and they are what your audience is going to want to share otherwise, you won’t increase your Pinterest following.

4. Follow the “Popular Trend”

There is a category called “popular” inside of Pinterest that will show the most repinned pins. This will give you an idea around what kind of Pins are in essence, trending on Pinterest.

5. Use Video’s

Video’s are just as engaging as Images and will most likely receive a lot of repins from users. Depending on your audience, you may find that video’s aren’t as powerful as images but there is no harm in trying.

6. Create and Join Group Boards

Pinterest allows you to create board and invite people to collaborate with you. You will find as your following increases that you will be invited into other community boards so make sure you pin relevant information which will reach an even bigger audience than the community you have already built.

7. Pin more, Repin less

Images that are pinned directly from websites or uploaded from your computer get more repins as over 80% of engagement on Pinterest is through repins.

8. Use Keywords When Describing your Pins

You have the opportunity to write a description with every image you pin so take advantage of this and use your keywords related to your business where relevant to the image.

9. Add Categories to Boards

This is something you have to do when creating a board but it is important that you select the right category for your board otherwise you will not receive as much engagement as you would if you had used the correct category.

10. Measure Results

The only way to know if you have increased your online Pinterest following is to measure your results. If you are finding you aren’t getting as much engagement as you want, read the above 9 points to see if there is something you need to improve on. Do you know how to engage on Pinterest? If you want to learn how to increase your Pinterest following in more detail, take a look at our Pinterest Social Media eLearning Course!

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