10 Ways To Boost Your Social Media Following

Your online social media activity will have increased over the last two years given how important it now is to use social media to reach new, potential customers and increase awareness around your brand. Are you struggling to do this? Here are 10 ways that might help you.

1. Optimise Your Social Media Presence

Before you can think about increasing your social media following, you need to optimise your profile. Make sure your bio’s are the same across all your social networks along with logo and business URL. Without having this consistency, you may lose potential new sales.

2. Provoke Engagement

To be successful on social, you might need to start the conversation with your followers. To keep your audience interested, make sure you share a variety of content and always ask them questions. Running contents always capture engagement with followers on social.

3. Don’t Stay In Your Comfort Zone

A great way to boost social engagement is to do something that your followers wouldn’t expect you to do. It doesn’t need to be dramatic, it just needs to make an impact and generate a positive reaction within your social media community

4. Be Human

If you come across as robotic in your social media sharing, you could end up losing followers. Your community want you to show personality and that there is a person behind the brand and not just a faceless company.

5. Share Valuable Content

One of the best ways to boost your social media following is to share content which your community will want to pass on to their community. This will ultimately make you a thought leader in the social world which will be great for boosting your following.

6. Be Charitable

If you support a charity in any way either as the person behind the business or as the business, make sure your social media community know this. It isn’t to make you look good, its more about building awareness for the charity which comes hand in hand with building your own social media following.

7. Build Relationships with People in Your Industry

Use a tool like Twellow to find thought leaders in your industry and connect with them through social media. Building a strong relationship like this could mean a partnership further down the line but more importantly, someone who will share your content with their audience.

8. Promote Your Social Media Channels

To build engagement on all of your social networks, you need to promote them across all your channels. Share your Facebook with your Twitter followers and so forth

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