10 Tips To Help You With Pinterest

The newest and most talked about social network; Pinterest, has taken the love for sharing and made it more interesting by creating a picture/video platform for those that find images interesting. Initially, Pinterest was another network for people to connect on but it’s more than that now, its a place for people to buy and sell. Here are 10 tips to help you get started with Pinterest.

1. Pin pictures AND videos

Pinterest isn’t just for pictures, it is also for video’s. It is so important for a business to have a mixture of pictures and video’s on their pinterest page as you will need to show diversity. If you would like to create video’s of a new collection or products, use Animoto.

2. Use strong, visual images with your blog posts to make them Pinterest Worthy

If you have a blog, make sure you share them on your pinterest page. It is important to include a great image in your blog so that it can be easily picked up when “pinning” it to a board. If you want to create an image specific for your blog, use PicMonkey.

3. Get your friends/work colleagues involved

An important part of Social Media is building a community. If you think your friends or colleagues would enjoy Pinterest, suggest it to them. Pinterest is now an open network so anyone can create an account in a matter of minutes.

4. Create a diverse mix of boards

Don’t just focus on professional boards, show a personal side and create some boards that are purely for fun. This could be funny animal images or places you would like to visit. People connect to a brand that they feel personally connected to.

5. Install the “pin it” button on your browser

A main feature of Pinterest is being able to “pin” an image from a website onto your board. To do this, you will need to install the “Pin it” button on your browser. To do this, hover over the “about” button once logged into Pinterest and select “pin it button”.

6. Add the Pinterest icon to your website

As well as installing the “pin it” button on your browser, you will also need to have the Pinterest logo on your website where people have the option to follow you on Pinterest and use any of your content for one of their boards, just like we have on our homepage.

7. Be a “social” pinner

To be a successful Pinterest user, you not only need to pin fresh content but also “re-pin” other people’s images or video’s and comment on them. There is no better way to build your community inside of this social network than showing appreciation with comments and re-pins.

8. Monitor your Pinterest traffic

Analytics are a huge part of how we work out what is going on with our website’s and our social networks. If you want to keep up to day with your Pinterest account and the traffic you are receiving, use PinReach.

9. Sell on Pinterest

As a business, you can sell via your website, Twitter or Facebook. You are also able to sell your products from inside Pinterest. To do this, use Pin2Sell.

10. Add web links to your descriptions

When writing descriptions for your pins, make sure you include a link back to where the image or video originated from. This is great for blogs especially. If you don’t want to post the whole URL, use bit.ly to shorten it. I hope these 10 tips will help your business become a Pinterest success! As always, we would love to hear your feedback!

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